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As a parent with family members spread throughout the US and no where near my family I have decided to allow my 9 year old onto Facebook simply so that the kid can be in contact with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents. This is also supplemented with Socialeyes for video calls.

Now with that said, the child is monitored, friends must be approved by myself or dad, if we don’t know them, they aren’t approved and are removed. Absolutely NO GAMES! Picture sharing approved after we see the pictures that they would like to post and only Family can view them. Absolutely no personal information on the site what so ever, so the profile is vague and limited. The child is only allowed to use Facebook if the child asks and we are home.

Seeing the child doesn’t have any kids cell phone, there is no chance of sneaking on the site without us knowing and we know when the child is on the computer as we only allow the child to get on when we’re home and only if we’re asked. If the child is caught on the computer without our knowing, boy you know how easy it is to remove said computer from a room? Let me tell you that leaves an impression on our young one.

We’ve also installed a timer switch on the electric cord that the child has no clue about since it’s hidden under a dresser that allows operation of the machine during certain times of the day. It shuts off after bed time, so no electricity, no computer. With that said, we’ve been doing this for almost 6 months now and it has been working great. We do monitor what is being said by the child so we’re very aware of what is going on.

Now if you are a parent considering this, please be diligent, kids are smart, they can be as sneaky as you were when you were their age or worse. So be proactive, set rules and guidelines, serious consequences and monitor the usage like crazy. If you can’t do that then don’t bother letting them on unless you want a negative experience for you and them.